All 6 Playable Heisters in Payday 3

The gang's all here!

by Thomas Cunliffe
Dallas, Wolf, Hoxton, and Chains' masks in Payday 3
Image: Starbreeze

Whether you’re screaming for a Medbag as Dallas or terrifying hostages as Chains, Payday is renowned for its cast of bizarre and memorable characters. But which of our beloved heisters are joining us in Payday 3? From franchise veterans to a brand-new face, this article covers every playable character at the launch of Payday 3.

All Playable Payday 3 Characters at Launch

Payday 3 brings back the original Payday Gang, video game addict Joy, and the brand-new character Pearl. Heisters are purely cosmetic and perform identically, so don’t worry if another player nabbed your favorite lawbreaker. It is a game about stealing.

The complete list of all six heisters playable in Payday 3 includes:

  • Dallas
  • Chains
  • Hoxton
  • Wolf
  • Joy
  • Pearl

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Image: Starbreeze

Dallas is the face of the Payday franchise — or his mask is, at least. This infamous mastermind is easily recognizable by his iconic American clown mask, sharp attire, and occasional comically small size on social media.


Image: Starbreeze

Chains (real name Nicolas) is a military veteran with a penchant for speaking in the third person. Known as “the Enforcer,” Chains serves as the muscle of the Payday Gang. He’s also best buddies with John Wick.


Image: Starbreeze

James “Hoxton” Hoxworth is the Englishman of the original Payday Gang, hailing from good ‘ol Sheffield. Not to be confused with Houston, who initially adopted Hoxton’s moniker and mask until Payday 2’s “Hoxton Breakout” heist.


Image: Starbreeze

Wolf is a Swedish technician and the final member of the first Payday Gang. Initially a law-abiding citizen of Stockholm, Wolf was pushed into a life of crime when his software development company collapsed.


Image: Starbreeze

Joy is a Japanese-American hacker and the youngest heister in Payday history. Joy has swapped out her gaming-themed attire for a flashy new suit to match the rest of the gang. It looks like she’s finally taken the Nintendo Switch out of her pocket, too.

Joy was initially exclusive to the Nintendo Switch version of Payday 2 before being released on PC at a later date. Since Joy is available on every platform in PayDay 3, it’s likely that the direct references to her love of Nintendo games won’t be present.


Image: Starbreeze

Pearl is a brand-new heister making her debut in Payday 3. She’s officially described as an “expert con artist and infiltrator who is as comfortable running street cons as she is rubbing elbows with New York’s rich and famous.”

Will Payday 3 Have DLC Heisters?

While only six characters have been confirmed so far, Payday 3 will likely see more heisters join the roster over time. Payday 3’s DLC model has been described as “quite similar to what [we’re] already used to in Payday 2,” with numerous heists, weapons, and outfits arriving in the first year.

For reference, Payday 2 launched with four characters and currently sits at twenty-two playable heisters. Only time will tell whether or not Payday 3 will live up to its predecessor’s massive ensemble of weird and wonderful characters.

- This article was updated on September 10th, 2023

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