All 29 Ramp Locations in Goat Simulator 3

I live my life a quarter baa at a time!

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell

Are you wondering where all 29 ramp locations in Goat Simulator 3 are? Become your favorite Fast and the Furious as you travel across San Angora in any vehicle you choose. The developers did an excellent job with placing ramp locations. Some are easier to spot than others, so we have provided you with the locations of all ramps so you can quickly jump them like Evel Knievel. Here is everything you need to know about all 29 ramp locations in Goat Simulator 3.

All 29 Ramp Locations in Goat Simulator 3


There are a total of 29 ramps spread across San Angora. The ramps are broken down into specific zones that will be recorded in your collectible menu after you jump them in a vehicle or bike, which you can access by pressing the menu key. You will know it is successful when fireworks appear after your jump.

Fairmeadows Ranch

There are a total of six ramps in Fairmeadows Ranch.


The first ramp is in the area where men hide in trashcans.


The second ramp is just off the river, where a guy is fishing off the dock.


The third ramp is just north of the talent show, where you complete a quest to be liked by all the judges.


The fourth ramp above Dilbo’s house. Lots of construction equipment and towers surround it.


The fifth ramp is by Sun and Son’s solar farm business.


The sixth ramp is behind the Fossil Fuel gas station.

Pointy Foods Factory

There is a total of two ramps near the Pointy Foods Factory.


The first ramp is off the highway right before you reach Suburbsville.


The second ramp is located inside the Pointy Foods Factory area.


There are a total of three ramps in Suburbsville.


The first ramp is located across from the Swekia building.


The second ramp is located down the dirt road from the Yoga studio.


The third ramp is located by the birthday party house and where the nuke drops during the Fallout easter egg event.

Construction Site

There are a total of two ramps at the construction site.


The first ramp goes over a building with a red door.


The second ramp goes through a concrete cylinder.


There are a total of five ramps in the Downtown zone.


The first ramp is underneath the double-lane highway by the Quiet Hill Rest Area.


The second ramp is located by the entrance to Port San Angora.


The third ramp is inside this white building in Port San Angora.


The fourth ramp is located at the end of Port San Angora in-between red shipping containers.


The fifth ramp is located by Doretto’s car shop at the foot of the Hoofer Dam.


There are a total of six ramps in Goatenburg.


The first ramp is underneath the Welcome to Clover St. sign.


The second ramp is at the end of the pier on the beach.


The third ramp is located by the Route 55 sign leading to libertarian Island. The ramp goes through a pink shipping container box.


The fourth ramp is located behind the last 5G tower.


The fifth ramp is located inside the construction building. This ramp was the last one I found in the game, and it took me forever. I didn’t realize the ramp leading up to the building was a ramp.


The sixth ramp is located behind the Fidelite Lounge building.

Hoofer Dam

There are two ramps at the Hoofer Dam landmark.


The first ramp is on the Hoofer Dam itself.


The second ramp is by the Welcome to Mornwood Falls sign.


There is one ramp at the Sawmill location.


The first ramp is above the Sawmill.

Mornwood Falls

There are two ramps in the Mornwood Falls zone.


The first ramp is by the rest area.


The second ramp is squeezed in between a trailer, a small cave with a trinket collectible, and some pigs. The ramp leads into the San Angora Zoo when jumped.

Goat Simulator 3 is available on PC through Epic Games, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S.