All Refinery Collectible Locations in Aliens: Dark Descent

Here are all Refinery collectible locations in Aliens: Dark Descent!

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell
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Are you looking for all Refinery collectible locations in Aliens: Dark Descent so you can obtain the achievement that requires you to find all Datapads from each mission level? Fortunately, gathering Datapads at the Refinery is relatively simple since they are located across only two levels. However, six of the 12 Datapads are missable, meaning you can’t return to get them on another deployment if you complete the mission.

All 12 Refinery Datapad Locations in Aliens: Dark Descent

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All 12 Refinery Datapad locations in Aliens: Dark Descent are located on two different levels: The First Floor and Basement.

All Six Refinery 1st Floor Datapad Locations

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On the 1st Floor of the Refinery mission, you must find six Datapads. You don’t need to worry because none of these are missable. Even if you miss one or more on your first deployment, you can always return later. Just remember that you must finish the next mission after this one (it is required, and you can’t skip it) before you can return to the Refinery. So, don’t worry if it seems impossible to return because you definitely can.

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All Six Refinery Basement Datapad Locations

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There are a total of six Datapads you must collect in the Basement of the Refinery. However, they are missable if you do not collect them before completing the primary mission and returning to the Otago. This is also true for the Materials collectible found on the Basement level, so make sure you collect them if you are also going for that achievement.

To complete the final objective of the Refinery’s main quest, you must locate the last Datapad, which will discuss the Darwin Era. This Datapad is located in the final room and is indicated by a yellow icon on the map. Before starting the last part of the mission, ensure that you have recorded all 12 datapads in the Brief menu. You’ll receive a prompt warning about starting the final section.

Note: There is no Xenotech Blueprint on the Refinery mission, so don’t worry about looking for one!

- This article was updated on June 23rd, 2023

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