All Resident Evil Re:Verse Achievements and How to Unlock Them

Earn your bragging rights in Re:Verse before anyone else!

by Marc Magrini


Resident Evil Re:Verse allows fans of the horror-focused franchise to face each other in action-packed PVP matches. In the game, players are able to take each other out in a variety of ways, from blasting each other apart with deadly weapons to using powerful abilities as familiar creatures. To help encourage progression, the game even features its own achievements outside of in-game rewards and BattlePass. Avid fans of Resident Evil will want to know about all Re:Verse achievements and how to effectively obtain them.

How to Get All Resident Evil Re:Verse Achievements

Because of the game’s status as a PVP title, there are no hidden achievements in Re:Verse. Every achievement, along with a description of each one, can be viewed at any player’s leisure. Some of these achievements are simpler to obtain than others, so players might find it easier to separate these achievements into categories. This article will place each achievement into one of three categories. Progression-based achievements cover raising your level or completing tutorials, victory-based achievements are all about whether you place first in a match, and kill-based achievements are all about how many kills you get during matches.

Here are all the achievements you can obtain in Resident Evil Re:Verse:

  • Progression
    • High Hopes for This One — Complete the in-game tutorial.
    • Newbie No More — Raise your MMR to 1300.
    • Hee-Hee-Hee Thank You! — Spend 10,000 RP.
    • A Rising Challenger — Reach level 10 on the BattlePass.
  • Victory
    • Mold Buster — Complete a match set in the Baker House map as one of the top 3 players.
    • Officer in Training — Complete a match set in the R.P.D. map as one of the top 3 players.
    • Raccoon City Survival Squad — Place first in a match as each of the human characters at least once.
  • Kills
    • I Only Like the Creatures — Get killed as a human 5 times in one match.
    • You’re Gonna Regret That — Get two revenge kills while playing as a creature in one match.
    • Knock ’em Dead — Get 10 kills in one match.
    • Mmmonster Kill — Get a killstreak of 5.
    • Finishing the Job — Kill another player with a creature’s finisher.

It will take some time to complete the progression-based achievements, but you’re bound to get them eventually simply by playing the game. The victory-based achievements can be the most difficult to obtain, but you can try to focus on playing matches in specific ways to get your hands on them faster. The kill-based achievements are very simple to obtain, as all they require is for you to interact with the game’s main mechanics and methods of winning. Just remember to use a finisher when you get the chance, and the rest will come naturally!

Resident Evil Re:Verse is available to all owners of Resident Evil Village.

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