All Season 3 Maps and Modes for Halo Infinite

The newest season of Halo Infinite features new maps and modes.

by James Carr
Image: 343 Industries

Halo Infinite Season 3: Echoes Within launches on March 7, bringing a ton of fresh content to the first-person-shooter, including new maps and modes. There are three new maps joining the rotation are Oasis, Cliffhanger, and Chasm. Oasis is a large-scale Big Team Battle map, while the other two are for the smaller, arena game modes. There is also one new game mode, Escalation Slayer, which functions similarly to Call of Duty’s Gun Game.

Halo Infinite Season 3 New Maps

Detailed on Halo Waypoint, Oasis, the Big Team Battle map, features a desert locale on top of a cliffside, with small, grassy forest areas scattered throughout the map. According to the developers, this large map was designed to be almost entirely accessible via Warthog, making for some great opportunities in Capture the Flag.

Cliffhanger is a smaller arena focused map, which naturally takes place on top of a cliffside. This map also features an Oni facility with some hints of Forerunner constructions, which give the map a darker, more industrial feel. Chasm on the other hand takes place entirely within a Forerunner construction, deep inside. This map features the blue-hued metallic style of the Forerunners and floating platforms to give opportunities for you to get above your opponent.

Halo Infinite Escalation Slayer

Image: 343 Industries

In addition to the three new maps being added to Halo Infinite, a new game mode is being added as well. Escalation Slayer is a new take on the classic Slayer mode, having players work through different loadouts before needing to top it off with an Oddball kill. Anyone who has played Gun Game in Call of Duty will find this mode familiar. Here are the loadouts that you need to work through:

  • LEVEL 1: Rocket Launcher, Cindershot, Repulsor
  • LEVEL 2: Energy Sword, Gravity Hammer, Grappleshot
  • LEVEL 3: Sniper Rifle, Skewer, Threat Sensor
  • LEVEL 4: Hydra, Ravager, Repulsor
  • LEVEL 5: Bulldog, Needler, Grappleshot
  • LEVEL 6: Battle Rifle, Commando, Threat Sensor
  • LEVEL 7: Shock Rifle, Stalker Rifle, Drop Wall
  • LEVEL 8: Heatwave, Sentinel Beam, Thruster
  • LEVEL 9: Bandit, Assault Rifle, Drop Wall
  • LEVEL 10: Mangler, Sidekick, Threat Sensor
  • LEVEL 11: Oddball, Shroud Screen

Halo Infinite: Season 3 Echoes Within launches on March 7, with other new content, including the new Bandit rifle and a new battle pass.

- This article was updated on March 7th, 2023