All Starfield Status Effects, Afflictions, and Diseases Explained

This guide will explain everything you need to know regarding status effects in Starfield.

by Christian Bognar
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There’s nothing worse than having your character become sick or injured in Starfield. Becoming “unhealthy” has consequences, such as losing Oxygen quickly or slowly draining health. The good news is that the game gives players many ways to cure these ailments through Aid items and doctors. This guide will explain everything you need to know about Starfield’s status effects, including Afflictions and Diseases.

How Do Status Effects Work in Starfield?

Overall, Starfield has 18 status effects that players must look out for. These status effects are broken down into two categories: injuries and infections. Injuries are caused by doing something physically, such as falling from a high ledge or jumping too much on a planet with high gravity. On the other hand, infections are generally caused by biological hazards or taking damage from creatures.

It’s essential to check the Prognosis under the “status” section of the pause menu, which will show you the severity of the status effect. On a rating scale of “Poor” to “Excellent,” you will see how unhealthy your character is and how dire it is to find treatment. The higher the rating (for example, excellent), the less likely the status effect will go away on its own with no treatment.

How to Cure Status Effects in Starfield

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

When you get any status effect, a symbol will show next to your health and oxygen meter. This symbol represents the status effect your character currently has, meaning you need to find an Aid item that has the same symbol that appears. Using an Aid item with the same symbol will cure the status effect and make it disappear, making your character healthy again.

Note: You can check Aid items and their corresponding symbols by heading into the Aid section of your inventory.

If you don’t have any Aid item to cure your status effect, your next best bet is to visit any doctor across the galaxy. Speak to the doctor and choose the dialogue option to heal all your ailments, and your character will become 100 percent healthy again. I recommend going to the clinic to the left of The Lodge in New Atlantis, as this doctor is the easiest to find and is in one of the first areas of the game.

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All Status Effects and Cures in Starfield

Below we have compiled a list of all status effects in Starfield and the items that can be used to cure it.

Status EffectCure
Brain InjuryInjector or Snake Oil
BurnHeal Paste
ConcussionInjector or Snake Oil
ContusionBandages or Zipper Bandages
Dislocated LimbImmobilizer
Fractured LimbImmobilizer
Fractured SkullImmobilizer
FrostbiteHeal Paste
HeatstrokeInjector or Snake Oil
HerniaInjector or Snake Oil
HypothermiaInjector or Snake Oil
LacerationBandages or Zipper Bandages
Lung DamageInjector or Snake Oil
PoisonedInjector or Snake Oil
Puncture WoundBandages or Zipper Bandages
Radiation PoisoningInjector or Snake Oil
Torn MuscleImmobilizer

If you are low on Aid items, visit your nearest doctor, who usually has a good supply on hand. You can also visit merchants in various big cities, such as Akila, Neon, and New Atlantis, with an inventory section dedicated to Aid products.

- This article was updated on September 18th, 2023

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