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Ancestors: Humankind Odyssey – How to Craft Items and Alter Items

Items can be crafted or altered once you've unlocked the ability.

by William Schwartz


Ancestors is unlike other survival games in that you have to evolve mentally and physically to be able to craft new items.  It’s not as simple as finding the necessary items to craft and then making them.  You’ll need to have the motor skills and intelligence to perform crafting tasks.  Here’s what you’ll need to do in the game to unlock the ability to craft items.

The first thing you’ll need to be able to craft items is to unlock a node within the Evolutionary upgrades path.  The upgrade that you need to unlock is the Motor Skills upgrade.  This is one of the first evolution upgrades you can receive.

Unlocking this trait will allow you to switch hands when holding an item and hold more than one item at once.  Now, when you pick up items you can switch hands with the item and use your other hand for crafting.

To alter or modify an item that you’ve picked up, you will switch the item from your right to left hands by pressing the LB button.  After you’ve switched hands you will see that you have a prompt that you can access for the item.  You can then press and hold the LB button again to begin altering an item.

To do this you’ll need to continue holding the LB button and when the next prompt comes on screen it will be to press the RB button.  You’ll want to actually hold the RB button and the LB button during this process.  You’ll release the RB button at different times during different crafting and you’ll either have a success or a failure.

This crafting process is used for single items which can be altered like branches, which can be turned into sticks or with things like coconuts (which need to be peeled with your off-hand.)

Getting more advanced, you can use this method to use tools in your off-hand as well, doing this process while holding two different items like a rock and a stick for example will provide a different result if timed correctly when compared to holding just a rock or just a stick.

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