Animal Crossing: New Horizons – How to Get May Day Ticket and Can you Get More

How to get to the May Day maze island

by Kyle Hanson

Animal Crossing: New Horizons celebrates a lot of holidays, and May Day is the very latest to hit your island. Starting today for many players, you’ll get to take part in a celebration of this little known holiday. What do you do? You solve a maze. But to get to that maze you need to get your May Day ticket. Thankfully it’s free, but there’s still some lingering questions. Here’s how to get your May Day ticket in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. We’ll also answer whether or not you can get more.

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How to Get May Day Ticket

The first thing you should do when May Day begins and you’re ready to tacklet the maze is speak with Tom Nook. You may not have to, but doing this gives you all the info you need to take part in the event. He’ll explain that he’s already provided your May Day ticket to Orville at the airport and all you need to do is head there to use it.

Head to your airport and speak with Orville and he’ll also explain things. Just choose “I wanna fly!” and “Use May Day Ticket” when you are ready to go. This will take you to a special island with a maze on it. Not good at mazes? Don’t worry, we’ve provided the maze solution right here. But once you finish it you may want to know if you can tackle this event again.

Can you Get More May Day Tickets

While the trailer announcing this event promised multiple May Day tickets, there’s only one per player available. If you have multiple players on an individual island then each can claim one and head into the maze. Once you finish it though, that’s it, you can’t go back. We also haven’t tested if you can go back if you give up before you’re done, but it seems like you cannot, so make sure you check out our guide linked above if you have any trouble. But that’s the answer to how to get your May Day ticket and can you get more in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

- This article was updated on April 30th, 2020