Animal Crossing: New Horizons May Day Guide – How to Get Through the Maze

The May Day Maze Solution

by Kyle Hanson

May Day is here! Animal Crossing: New Horizons has a lot of seasonal events, but May Day looks to be one of its more fun so far. And it even brings Rover to the game, a fan favorite that has been missing since launch. Once you claim your ticket and head to the island you’re confronted with a huge hedge maze with no items to get through. We have the solution though, so keep reading and follow along to get everything you can.

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How to Get Through the May Day Maze

Before we start, make sure you know how to get your May Day ticket. This guide is a quick walkthrough that gets you every item in the maze. Follow along and you’ll do just fine. To start it off, pick up the shovel and dig up the bush on the left. Grab the fruit inside, eat it and dig up the nearby tree. Continue forward and turn toward the path to the right to get three pieces of wood. Backtrack and head north and to the left to get a tree branch. Follow the path and you’ll be back at the center. You should see three smaller areas with items. Hop down to get the tree branches, worn axe (which breaks after just three hits), and stone from them then go back to the northwest corner of the map where you past the tree.

Use the axe to chop it down and either the shovel to dig it up or just sit on it and get to the other side then head into the area to get the tree branch and fruit. Take the path to the south to get back to the center of the maze then take the first path down (where you previously got a tree branch) and hop over the hole to reach an area blocked by a rock. Eat a fruit and hit it with your shovel to break it to get the iron nugget inside.

Backtrack all the way to the middle area, following the path on the north of the island, turning toward the east when you can. There’s a stone down this pathway at the very eastern side of the maze. Eat a fruit and hit it with your shovel to get past and claim the fruit and DIY Recipes inside the area. You’ll see the DIY crafting table past a nearby tree so just eat a fruit and dig it up to get to it. You can now create your own flimsy axe which you should immediately upgrade to a regular axe.

Head back to the middle area and use your newly crafted axe to chop down the tree right in the center of the maze. Grab the fruit inside then head back out and turn north and west then follow the path until you make it back to the center. Turn south when you can which will take you through the center again and to the west where you can chop down another tree to clear a path. Follow the new path north and grab the fruit then continue north toward the three trees.

Chop them all down to make it to the end and speak with Rover! And that’s how to get through the May Day maze in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Once you make it to the end there’s still more to do. Make sure you grab the Bell Vouchers nearby, but even that isn’t all. Dig up the bushes to the north and follow the path toward the southwest side of the island. There you’ll find more Bell Vouchers. Just eat the extra fruit you have and break the rocks to get them. You can just dig your way back to the dock and head home now and you’ll get all your new items in the mail later on.

- This article was updated on April 30th, 2020