Animal Crossing New Horizons – How to Use Dream Suite to Visit Other Islands

How to unlock and use the latest feature

by Kyle Hanson

The Dream Suite has finally arrived in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. You may have been able to visit your friends islands from the very beginning of the game, but never quite like this. Now you can visit even when they aren’t available to open up. The experience is somewhat different though, so let’s explain how to use Dream Suite to visit other islands in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

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How to Use Dream Suite

To use Dream Suite in AC:NH you need two things: a bed and an active Nintendo Switch Online membership. That last thing is required because this is all handled via the internet (so I guess you need three things). To actually use Dream Suite’s features just head to the nearest in-game bed and hop in by walking right toward it.

Once you lay down you’ll be asked if you’re wanting to sleep (meaning use Dream Suite) or just lay there. Choose the first option and you’ll drift off into a cloudy dream with Luna standing by the bed. She facilitates all the functions of the Dream Suite, including hosting your own island or visiting others.

If you want others to be able to visit you just choose to share a dream and a copy of your current island setup will be uploaded to the internet. Other Animal Crossing: New Horizons players can then visit it by entering your dream address. But how does that work? How do you visit other player’s islands in Dream Suite?

How to Visit Other Islands in Dream Suite

This is basically the same process as above, but the other player needs to do it all first. Once they’ve hosted their island via a dream you are able to visit as long as you have their dream address. They need to get that to you in any way they can and then all you have to do is activate Dream Suite and enter the address.

Once you do you’ll be whisked away to their island how it was setup when they first dreamed or last updated it via Dream Suite. You will leave all of your items behind and can’t really interact with things all that much. Think of this as a static copy, rather than their actual island. But you can explore and see how they have things setup, as well as copying over any custom designs you like.

When you’re ready to leave just head back to the bed and lay down again. And that’s how to use Dream Suite to visit other islands in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.