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Animal Crossing: New Horizons – New Fish and Bugs to Catch in April

April brings lots of new fish and bugs

by Kyle Hanson


Unlike other games, Animal Crossing: New Horizons is always changing. Based on a real time clock and calendar, each new month brings something fresh for players to enjoy. The game just launched a couple of weeks ago, so we’re in store for some fresh additions in April. New bugs and fish are coming, while others are leaving. We’ll break down all the new stuff you’ll want to catch before they’re gone. Here’s the new fish and bugs to catch in April in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

We’ll start with the northern hemisphere, as that’s where most of the shakeup is happening. Many fish and bugs will be leaving, but they’ll be replaced by a nice new set to catch. Many of them will be around for a while, so take your time adding them all to your museum. But watch for those end dates below to avoid missing out completely.

New Fish in April – Northern Hemisphere

Zebra TurkeyfishOceanApril to MayAnytime500
KillifishPondApril to AugustAnytime300
Butterfly fishOceanApril to SeptemberAnytime1,000
ClownfishOceanApril to SeptemberAnytime1,000
CrawfishPondApril to SeptemberAnytime200
SurgeonfishOceanApril to SeptemberAnytime1,000
Snapping TurtleRiverApril to October9 PM to 4 AM5,000
GuppyRiverApril to November9 AM – 4 PM1,300
Neon TetraRiverApril to November4 AM – 4 PM500
SeahorseOceanApril to NovemberAny Time1,100

New Bugs in April – Northern Hemisphere

Common bluebottleFlying in rainApril to August4 AM – 7 PM200
Jewel BeetleOn tree stumpApril to AugustAnytime2,400
Agrias ButterflyFlyingApril to September8 AM – 5 PM3,000
Atlas MothTreeApril to September7 PM – 4 AM3,000
Madagascan Sunset MothFlyingApril to September8 AM – 4 PM2,500
Giant Water BugIn pondsApril to September7 PM – 8 AM2,000
Rajah Brooke’s BirdwingBlack, blue, and purple flowersApril to September8 AM – 5 PM2,500
Darner DragonflyFlyingApril to October8 AM – 5 PM230
FleaOn an infested villagerApril to NovemberAll day70
Long LocustGroundApril to November8 AM – 7 PM200

New Fish in April – Southern Hemisphere

Yellow PerchRiverApril to SeptemberAnytime200
DabOceanApril to OctoberAnytime300

New Bugs in April – Southern Hemisphere

LadybugFlowersApril8 AM – 5 PM200

Be sure to check back next month, and later in the month we’ll have a list of fish and bugs that are leaving in April.

- This article was updated on:April 1st, 2020

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