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Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Guide: How to Increase Maximum Friendship Level

by William Schwartz


The goal of Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is meet as many animals as possible, invite them to your campsite, and max out their friendship levels.  Completing activities for these different animals and inviting them to your campsite will increase your friendship level, but you’ll eventually reach a cap on how high you can go without making improvements to your camp.

In Animal Crossing Pocket Camp you’ll start out with a basic generic tent.  As you level up your character, earn bells and crafting items, you’ll be able to unlock Amenities for your camp. These Amenities are Tents that each offer a different benefit to the animals that are your friends depending on their personality.


If an animal has a certain personality type Amenities that coordinate with this will increase their max friendship level.  Their are currently tents and amenities that are tied to the Cool, Sporty, Natural and Cute personality types and building them will raise the maximum level of villagers who “love” this type of item.

Since there are numerous personality types your camp can also have different types of tents and amenities that can ultimately please all of the villagers.  Focusing on all of the different types of personalities by adding different tent types is the fastest way to increase maximum friendship level across the board.  If you’re focused on one specific type of villager to increase, you’ll want to make Amenities that are focused on that specific type of character will love.

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