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Anthem Combo Guide: How to Do Combos Prime & Detonate

by William Schwartz


When Freelancers are in battle they can deal damage in a variety of different ways.  One of those ways includes dealing combo damage with certain gear.  Combo damage will increase the damage that you deal to an enemy and it will have different effects depending on which equipment you are using.  You can deal damage in Anthem in different ways.  You can freeze enemies, electrocute them, douse them with acid, and set them on fire.

With these different types of damage there are enemy strengths and weaknesses that must be taken into account.

Anthem Combination Types

  • Fire:  Sets enemies on fire and cause them to burn.  They will take additional damage over time.
  • Ice:  Freezes enemies and restricts there movement.
  • Electrical:  Electrifies enemies and disperses electricity that can shock other nearby enemies.
  • Acid:  Lowers enemy resistance and increases vulnerability.

Different enemies will have weakness and strengths against different effects.  When an enemy has been affected by these types of elemental damages they will have an icon next to their name and health bar.  When another attack is used while this enemy is currently being affected you will get a combo.  You will see the word “Combo!” on screen near the enemy.  You’ll also notice that this combo attack has done massive damage.

How to Do Combos

Combinations in Anthem are basically done by using two different types of attacks.  One attack will prime the target and the second will detonate the attack to complete the combo.  Primer attacks will be marked with a circle icon in your ability list.  Detonator attacks will be noted by a four-pointed star.  When you do a successful combo, the effect of the combo will be different depending on which Javelin has done the attack.

Working with a team of freelancers you can mix and match the abilities between your team to get a variety of different results.  For the complete list of moves that are primers and detonators for each Javelin you can take a look at the list below.


Storm Javelin Combo

The Storm Javelin is an elemental expert so it only seems right that the detonation for this combo is an AoE elemental attack that spreads across the battlefield.

Blast Seals

Lightning Strike – Detonator

Rime Blast – Primer

Living Flame – Primer

Focus Seals

Hoarfrost Shards – Primer

Flaming Orb – Detonator

Ball Lightning – Primer

Glacial Beam – Detonator


Fiery Strike Detonator


Elemental Storm – Primer and Detonator

Combo Effect for Storm – AoE Spread

Storm does an AoE Spread attack upon detonation.  This spreads the elements to effect other enemies that are nearby.


Ranger Javelin Combo

The Ranger is a jack of all trades but this Javelin can deal massive damage with a critical hit on combo detonation.

Grenade Gear

Frag Grenade – Detonator

Explosive Blaze – Primer

Frost Grenade – Primer

Sticky Grenade – Detonator

Assault Launcher Gear

Seeking Missile – Detonator

Venom Darts – Primer


Shock Mace – Primer


Multi-Target Missile Battery – Detonator

Combo Effect for Ranger – Crit Damage

The ranger combo effect is a critical damage.  When an enemy is primed and then detonated they will take large damage.


Colossus Javelin Combo

Like Storm, Colossus does an AoE detonation when completing a combo.  This explosion will cause massive damage to all nearby enemies.

Ordinance Launcher

Explosive Mortar – Detonator

Firewall Mortar – Primer

Lightning Coil – Detonator

Heavy Assault Launcher

Heavy Cannon – Detonator

Flamethrower – Primer

Railgun – Detonator

Acid Spitter – Primer


Heavy Smash – Detonator


Siege Cannon – Detonator

Colossus Combo Effect – AoE Explosion

When the Colossus detonates a combo it does an AoE explosion.  This explosion damages all nearby enemies.


Interceptor Javelin Combo

The Interceptor is sneaky agile and powerful when up close and personal.  Since you’ll likely be in the thick of things with this Javelin the combo detonation will cause the suit to have an aura that affects nearby enemies.

Assault Systems

Acid Bomb – Primer

Cryo Glaive – Primer

Spark Dash – Detonator

Strike Systems

Tempest Strike – Detonator

Corrosive Spray – Primer


Bladed Daggers – Detonator


Assassin’s Blades  – Detonator

Interceptor Combo Effect – Aura

When the Interceptor detonates a combo it creates an Aura effect.  Enemies near the Interceptor will take the elemental effect over time.

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