Anthem: How to Add Friends, Invite to Squad, or Mute Other Players in Launch Bay

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In Anthem there is a social hub called the Launch Bay.  You can interact with other players in this area as it’s one of the only places outside of the open world that you will be able to see other players as the Fort Tarsis hub is a solo area of the game. This quick Anthem guide will explain what you need to do to send messages to other players in Launch Bay and add new friends to your freelancer squad or ignore the ones that you don’t want to see again.

You can get somewhat friendly in the Launch Bay with a message sending option.  You can do this by pressing up on the d-pad which will open a dialogue box that will require you to select a message to send to this other player.  It’s a fairly innocuous way to say hello to your fellow freelancers.  You’ll also have the opportunity to add a player to your favorites, invite them to your squad, or ignore and mute them.

How to Add to Favorites

You can add other Anthem players to your favorites by pressing the X button (Xbox One) Square Button (PS4) while you are near them in the Launch Bay.

How to Ignore Players

You can mute a player by selecting the Ignore Option that comes up when you interact with a player in the Launch Bay.  This remove them from your matchmaking pool and mute them.

How to Invite Players to a Group

If you played with someone that you want to play with again you can use the Favorites option, but you can also add them to a group.  Using the Invite to Squad option will send them an invitation to join you immediately so you can back out and do more missions right away.

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