Anthem: How to Barrel Roll

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Flying is a big part of the Javelin suit abilities in Anthem.  Using these powerful armor suits you can fly around the world, hover above enemies and attack them from above.  There are times when you’re going to want to get a little fancy to avoid enemy attacks and these are the times when you’re going to want to use the barrel roll move.  This guide will explain how to barrel roll in Anthem and what buttons to push.

How to Do a Barrel Roll in Anthem

The barrel roll can be done in Anthem by pressing the left stick either left or right and then pressing the B Button (Xbox One) Circle Button (PlayStation 4).  Pressing this while flying and your character will quickly dodge either left or right which can be helpful in avoiding attacks.  Without pressing left or right with the button you will do a standard dash move.  To barrel roll you must be flying head first.

If you are in hover mode in your Javelin, pressing this button combo will not do a barrel roll.  Instead it will do air dash maneuver.  This air dash will do a vertical spin move that is kind of like a barrel roll but your character is standing up right.  To do this simply press forward or backward with the B Button (Xbox One) / Circle Button (PS4) and you will do the vertical barrel roll move.

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