Anthem: How to Craft Better Weapons and Gear

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Crafting is going to be important part of Anthem.  Alongside item drops in the game, you’re going to be collecting blueprints and materials that will allow you to craft new weapons, gear, and consumables in the game.  This guide will explain how to craft in Anthem, where to access the crafting features in Anthem, and how to combine blueprints and materials for higher level weapons and items in the game.

Crafting in Anthem is unlocked pretty early on in the game, but the items that you can craft are going to be extremely limited.  You’re going to be find a ton of different materials early on in the game, but you’re not going to be getting very much of the other crafting item that you’ll need and those are blueprints.  After you’ve completed a quick mission with Prospero you’ll have the option to Craft when entering the Forge.

How to Get Blueprints in Anthem

Getting Blueprints in Anthem is going to come down to completing a lot of in-game activities.  This is especially true for the higher level blueprints for more powerful weapons.  You’ll notice that you’ll come across plenty of different blueprints in the game, some of which correspond with your level, but often times at the beginning of the game you’re fine using the items that you’re getting as drops.

Some of the activities in Anthem that will give you blueprints as rewards include the faction loyalty missions.  Completing missions for the Freelancer, Arcanist, and Sentinel Factions will earn you loyalty with these groups and in turn will unlock powerful component blueprints.  These can significantly increase the power of your character.  Blueprints can also be unlocked by

Each blueprint will have a unique recipe that needs to be used to craft it.  That recipe consists of materials.  Those materials are going to depend on what type of item you are crafting.  If you’re trying to craft a javelin component blueprint you’re going to need Javelin component parts.  These can be gotten by salvaging components for that Javelin.  Similarly, if you’re trying to craft a weapon, you may need to dismantle other weapons for weapon parts to get the necessary crafting materials.  Alongside these core parts you’re also going to need other items as well.

How to Get Crafting Materials in Anthem

There are numerous ways to get these other items, like harvesting them from mineral veins or plants out in the world, purchasing them, or getting them from supply caches.  You can buy crafting materials from Prospero, the same vendor that grants you access to crafting in the first place.

The different types of Crafting Materials in Anthem include the following:

  • Chimeric Alloy
  • Chimeric Compound
  • Storm Parts
  • Ranger Parts
  • Colossus Parts
  • Interceptor Parts
  • Weapon Parts
  • Uncommon Embers
  • Rare Embers
  • Epic Embers
  • Masterwork Embers

Crafting can be accessed fairly early on in Anthem but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you should be focused on this aspect of the game right away.  There is plenty of loot that drops in Anthem and there are numerous ways to get better components, weapons, and other gear.  Just make sure to check your blueprints regularly as you may have a powerful item waiting to be used by your character if you’ve got the materials to craft it.

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