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Anthem: How to Exit Freeplay

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Freeplay is one of the activities in Anthem where you can head out into the world on your own and complete activities, earn rewards, tackle world events, and other things.  Getting into a free play instance isn’t all that hard, but how do you get back to Fort Tarsis once you’re done exploring the world?  This guide will explain how to exit freeplay in Anthem when you’re ready to return to your base.

When you want to exit free play in Anthem you will just hit the start button to bring up the map.  At the bottom of the screen you will see a prompt that will tell you to hold the X Button (Xbox One) or Square Button (PlayStation 4) to exit.  Once you do you will go to the rewards screen and it will show you the unlocks that you’ve earned, rank and XP, as well as loot that you picked up during your free play.

From there you can then decide where you want to go.  Your options will be back to the Forge to make any changes to your Javelin and appearance, the online social space called the Launch Bay, or the main Fort Tarsis hub to get another quest.

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