Attack of the Fanboy

Anthem: How to Get Ammo

Look for these items after killing enemies.

by William Schwartz


You’re going to be doing a lot of shooting in Anthem.  Bullets are finite, but you’ll get plenty of ammunition for your weapons if you know where to look.  During any encounter so long as you are killing enemies you should have plenty of opportunities to pick up more ammunition as you’ll constantly see enemies leaving it behind after you kill them.

How to Get Ammunition in Anthem

The green icons that you’ll see on the ground are ammunition for your character.  Simply walk over these items and your ammo will be replenished by a certain amount.  These green icons will be picked up automatically when you are close to them and will only be able to fill your ammo supply to your max capacity.

This capacity can be raised by installing and equipping different components on your javelin, but that’s a guide for another time.

Identifying these as ammunition is pretty easy if you look closely.  The item has a three bullet icon, but it can be easy to miss when you’re in the heat of a battle.  Plus, there are other green items on the battlefield as well.  Loot drops in a similar green capsule.  Just make sure if you’re scrounging for ammunition that these are the items you are picking up.

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