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Anthem: How to Get Corium for Crafting the Shield of Dawn

Craft the Dawn Shield to enter the Heart of Rage.

by William Schwartz


Once the Freelancer Crew sets their target on crafting a Javelin of Dawn it’s revealed that you’re going to need some unique parts to do so.  This includes a rare metal called Corium.  This guide will explain the process of what you have to do to get Corium for the Shield of Dawn.

Corium can only be found by defeating Titans.  These large monsters will give you +1 Corium for defeating them. To craft the Dawn Shield you’re going to have a couple of different options in terms of going about getting the Shield Blueprint and materials necessary to craft it.

How to Get Dawn Shield Blueprint

You can get the Dawn Shield Blueprint by either helping Sentinel Dax or Matthias.  Chosing Dax’s route you will need to fight through three different missions.  Along the way you will find that you will also encounter Titans that have the Corium material that you need to craft the Shield of Dawn.  You can also do the Triple Threat Mission from Matthias.  Both missions will set you on your way to crafting the Dawn Shield.

How to Get Corium

To get Corium you’re going to either need to do missions which have Titan encounters or you can go into Free play mode and look for them.  One of Dax’s missions will put you up against a Titan.  This will give you 1 out of the 3 Corium that you need to craft the shield.  You should be able to get the other two Corium by completing Matthias’ Triple Threat quest line as you’ll encounter numerous Titans in that one.

Completing both Dax’s Emerald Abyss and Matthias’ Triple Threat quests will allow you to craft the Shield of Dawn at a lower cost.


How to Build The Dawn Shield

Once you’ve collected the 3 Corium you can then head to the Forge and you will be able to craft the Shield from a Legendary blueprint.

To craft the Shield of Dawn you will need the following materials:

  • 100 Chimeric Alloy
  • 100 Chimeric Compound
  • 50 Uncommon Ember
  • 10 Rare Ember

The Shield of Dawn is an item that allows a player to enter the Heart of Rage with their Javelin.  Upon building the shield you will then speak with Tassyn, Faye, and Haluk to mobilize the freelancer team as they push to stop the Monitor.

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