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Anthem: How To Get Legendary Contracts

Meet these requirements to get tougher contracts.

by William Schwartz


Once you’ve finished the main campaign of Anthem there is still more to do in the game. The end-game activities in Anthem are going to revolve around making your Javelin even stronger by finding Masterwork Gear and Weapons. One such activity that you’ll do in Anthem after you’ve beaten the campaign is to do Legendary Contracts. These contracts will give you the best chance to earn powerful items and gear in Anthem.

How to Get Legendary Contracts in Anthem

During the course of the Anthem campaign you’ve been dealing with three Factions. You’ve already been taking missions from Yarrow, Sentinel Brin, and Matthias. These characters will give you Legendary Contracts as well, so long as you complete all of the normal side-quests that you get from them in the main story.

So long as you’ve completed all the side quests from these characters and reached Level 30, once you’ve completed all of the story chapters in the game you should get access to Legendary Contracts.

Be forewarned though, Legendary Contracts in Anthem are going to offer a much greater challenge than the normal ones. With that increased difficulty you’ll get better rewards, but they can be quite hard to complete.

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