Anthem: How to Get More Coins Fast

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Coins are one of the currencies of Anthem.  With them you can purchase all kinds of items that allow you to customize your game.  From weapons and gear to vanity items, coins can be used for a number of different things.  Earning these coins is easier said than done, because they’re the in-game equivalent to the actual microtransaction currency that EA is selling for Anthem as well.  There are some activities that you can spend your time on to get more coins fast in Anthem and this guide will explain how to earn coins fast.

How to Get Coins Fast in Anthem

You’ll find that starting out in Anthem you’ll have an abundance of coins at your disposal.  But as you progress further and further into the game they stop coming as fast as at the beginning of the game.  Of the many different mission types in Anthem that will reward you coins, one of the fastest ways to earn coins is to complete the trials in the game.  Anthem has daily, weekly, and monthly trials that will give you coins for completing them. Some of these are incredibly easy and can take just a few minutes to complete.  Weekly and Monthlies are a little bit more time consuming but they can give between 500 + coins.

Alliance System Gives you More Gold Coins

The more people on your friends list that are playing Anthem, the more coins you will earn through the Alliance System.  The more friends you have playing Anthem the more coins you will get.  It pays to be social in Anthem, literally.  Can earn thousands of gold per week with the Alliance System.

Freeplay Public Events Give Tons of Gold Coins

If you participate in Freeplay public events you will earn a lot of gold.  These are seemingly random events out in the world, so you won’t find them every time, but when you do they will give you big rewards for completing them (2000 Gold)

Other Activities That Will Give you Coins

  • Talk with NPCs in Fort Tarsis
  • Stronghold Expeditions
  • Legendary Contracts

What to Do with Gold Coins

So now that you’ve got gold coins what do you do with it?  Well, you can use gold coins to purchase crafting materials.  You can also use it to purchase cosmetic items, skins, weapons, and other items in the forge.

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