Anthem: How to Get Weapon Parts Crafting Material

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Weapon Parts are one of the Crafting Materials in Anthem that you’re going to want to keep handy if you plan on doing any Weapon Crafting.  There are a couple of different methods that you can use to get weapon parts in Anthem and this guide will explain how to do so.

Weapon Parts will be used to craft new weapons in Anthem.  More specifically, Weapon Parts are used when you have weapon blueprints.  They will be required crafting materials alongside other materials that will be needed to complete a weapon blueprint.

Getting Weapon parts in Anthem can be done in numerous ways.  The most reliable and quickest method to getting weapon parts is to salvage weapons.  Simply head into your inventory and then salvage an item to instantly get weapon parts.  This can be done for all of your older, lower level weapons to get quick weapon parts in Anthem.  Another one of the instant gratification methods is to purchase Weapon Parts from Prospero in Fort Tarsis.

Salvaging can be done anytime you are looking at your inventory.  Simply look to the bottom of the screen for the salvage prompt when highlighting an item.  You will need to hold that button until the item has been salvaged.  Once it is you will be notified with the results of that salvage.  In the case of a weapon you will almost always get weapon parts.

There are other methods to get Weapon Parts.  You’ll likely find Weapon Parts in random loot drops or treasure chests as well.

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