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Anthem: How to Hover

Hovering allows you to take your time and survey your surroundings.

by William Schwartz


In Anthem you’re going to be flying around a lot.  There are multiple ways to utilize your suit while flying.  It can be used to cover large distances by flying head first at high speed, or it can be used to hover and survey your surroundings.  In this quick Anthem guide we’ll explain the different ways to hover in Anthem using your Javelin.

To Hover in Anthem you’re going to want to be in the air so you’ll need to take off from the ground.  Once you’re in the air it’s simply a matter of determining what you want to do.  If you’re in the midst of a firefight and you want to be able to shoot at your enemies you an easily go into hover mode by pressing the Left Trigger to aim.  This will draw your weapon and you can begin aiming at enemies while hovering.

If you’re just looking to survey your surroundings and want to do so by hovering you can do this as well.  You will just need to press in the right thumbstick and your character will shift from flying head first to hovering.

While hovering you can still move around like you would when flying head first, but the distance that you cover while hovering is much less than when flying normally.   It is worth noting that some Javelins have better hovering ability than others.  The Storm Javelin has the best hovering ability and abilities that require that you hover above enemies for best impact.

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