Anthem How to Unlock Tombs in Legionnaire Mission

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Anthem has a mission fairly early on in the game that sees you tasked with gaining access to four different Tombs in the game.  These ‘Tombs of the Legionnaires” each have a different requirement to access and the only way to see these requirements is to actually fly around the map in the free roam mode.

It’s highly likely that you will hit a hurdle when you get to this mission because there are numerous challenges or “Trials” that you need to complete to gain access to each door.  The Four Tombs in Anthem are the Tomb of Yvenia, Tomb of Artinia, Tomb of Gawnes, and the Tomb of Cariff.  Each one of these Tombs will require that you complete different a combination of different activities.

How to Unlock the Four Tombs in Anthem

To track the location of each tomb you will need to go into Free play Mode and then enter the map.  You will find that the map has four golden banners on it and these are the locations of the Four Tombs.

Below you’ll find the requirements for entry for each tomb in the Tomb of Yvenia Mission in Anthem.

Tomb of Yvenia

The Tomb of Yvenia is going to be the closest one to Fort Tarsis.  This tomb is perhaps the most difficult to find because of the poor map coordinates.  The Tomb of Yvenia is located in an underground cave near Fort Tarsis.

To get access to the Tomb of Yvenia you will need to complete the following tasks:

  • Open 15 Treasure Chests
  • 25 Harvests
  • 3 Javelin Repairs
  • 10 Collectibles

The most difficult of these challenges will definitely be finding 15 treasure chests in Anthem.  The best way to farm treasure chests is to play Stronghold Missions or explore in the Free Play mode and tackle missions as you come across them.

Tomb of Artinia

This tomb is located due north of Fort Tarsis in the Academy Ruins.  To gain access to the Tomb of Artinia you will need to complete the following tasks:

  • Complete 5 World Events
  • 30 Weapon Defeats
  • 15 Weak Point Defeats
  • 9 Elite Defeats

Most of the challenges are pretty self explanatory.  Though if you’re having trouble completing the World Events trials, just fly around in Free Roam mode until you see the purple icons pop up and then complete the activity.  Each time you finish one of these it counts as a World Event.

Tomb of Gawnes

The Tomb of Gawnes is located north west of Fort Tarsis in the Fortress of Dawn area of the map.

  • 50 Melee Defeats
  • 50 Ultimate Defeats
  • 3 Legendary Defeats

The challenges to gain access to the Tomb of Gawnes are basically tied to defeating enemies.  You’ll want to focus on using melee attacks to knock out one challenges, but finding Ultimate and Legendary enemies may prove to be a little more challenging.  You’ll encounter these higher level enemies while playing in missions, free play activities, or Stronghold missions.

Tomb of Cariff

The Tomb of Cariff is located in the far north eastern corner of the map in the Emerald Abyss.

  • 3 Missions Completed
  • 30 Gear Defeats
  • 15 Combo Triggers
  • 3 Multi-kills

The Tomb of Cariff challenges to enter the tomb are fairly straight forward.  However, one that we could see holding people up is the one for Combo triggers.  Combos aren’t explained very well in the game, but basically your character can combo damage on enemies by using combo triggers and detonators.  On your character user interface, depending on the weapons and systems you have equipped on your javelin you will see either a circle or a four sided star.  Using the circle weapons or equipment is a primer and the four sided star items are a detonator.  You’ll need to trigger 15 combos and this can be done by yourself if you have the correct items equipped.

 Challenges > Expeditions > Freeplay

You can track your progress in opening the tombs in your Cortex.  Simply open the Cortex and the go to the Challenges Tab, then down to Expeditions, and then again over to Freeplay.  Here you will find each challenge.  After you’ve completed a challenge and gained access to a Tomb a big banner will appear on the screen to let you know that you have access to the tomb.  From that point it’s just a matter of flying over to them and entering to get your prize.  Enter all four tombs to complete the mission.

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