Anthem: When Do You Unlock New Javelins

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Anthem has four unique Javelin suits that you will progressively unlock across the course of the game.  While you’ll eventually be able to use all four Javelin suits, you’ll need to pick one at the onset of the game.  This guide will explain when you unlock new Javelin suits in Anthem.

Once you make your initial decision of which Javelin to choose in Anthem you’re going to be stuck with it for a little bit.  The second Javelin suit will open up for you as a reward for getting to level 8.  Your third Javelin suit will unlock at Level 16.  The fourth and final suit slot will unlock at level 26.

Anthem Javelin Unlocks

  • First Suit – Level 2
  • Second Suit – Level 8
  • Third Suit – Level 16
  • Fourth Suit – Level 26

Once you reach Level 26 you will have access to the Interceptor, Colossus, Storm, and Ranger Javelin suit which you can create different loadouts for each one in the Forge.  All of the items that you collect across the course of Anthem can be used in each Javelin suit.

This means that the weapons that you find or earn for one suit can be used in another, though not all components are going to be compatible across different Javelin suits.

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