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Apex Legends: Best Weapons in Season 10: Emergence

The best choices to dominate the apex games.

by Bennet Lockridge


Now that Apex Legends Season 10: Emergence has been out for a couple of weeks, we have a pretty firm grasp on some of the best weapons to pick up in the arena.  With the slew of updates that came along with the season release, many weapons got various nerfs and buffs that definitely shifted them in or out of the S Tier. We are here to tell you the 10 best weapons to look for in the apex games. This list is in no particular order, so if you see any of these weapons on the ground, it’s probably a good bet. Note that care package weapons are not included on our list due to their obvious power.

#10 R-301 – Light Ammo Assault Rifle


  • Rate of Fire – 810 RPM
  • Headshot Damage – 25
  • Bodyshot Damage – 14
  • Legshot Damage – 11

The jack of all trades in Apex Legends, if you pick up an R-301 you are already setting yourself up well to get to late game, even with no attachments. The R-301 is the tried and true FPS assault rifle and it does its job perfectly.

#9 VOLT – Energy Ammo Submachine Gun


  • Rate of Fire – 720 RPM
  • Headshot Damage – 23
  • Bodyshot Damage – 15
  • Legshot Damage – 12

Arguably the easiest gun to use in Apex Legends, the VOLT rewards consistent aim and tracking with a fast time to kill. If you manage to find enough energy ammo laying around, definitely pick this one up.

#8 EVA-8 Auto – Shotgun


  • Rate of Fire – 126 RPM
  • Headshot Damage – 99
  • Bodyshot Damage – 63
  • Legshot Damage – 63

An octane mains go to, the Eva-8 Auto is an easy-to-use shotgun that can deal serious close quarters damage. If paired with good movement, this weapon will be your best friend.

#7 G7 Scout – Light Ammo Marksman Rifle


  • Rate of Fire – 240 RPM
  • Headshot Damage – 60
  • Bodyshot Damage – 34
  • Legshot Damage – 26

The marksman’s best friend, the G7 Scout is the best ground long-range gun in Apex Legends. Its damage combined with fire rate allows you to drop other legends before they even know where they are being shot from.

#6 Wingman – Heavy Ammo Pistol


  • Rate of Fire – 156 RPM
  • Headshot Damage – 97
  • Bodyshot Damage – 45
  • Legshot Damage – 41

The showboat weapon and favorite of wraith mains everywhere, if you’re confident in your aiming abilities pick up the Wingman. Its potential is unmatched when it comes to time to kill, but make sure you’re hitting your shots.

#5 Devotion (with Turbocharger) – Energy Ammo Light Machinegun


  • Rate of Fire – 900 RPM (Fully Ramped Up)
  • Headshot Damage – 28
  • Bodyshot Damage – 16
  • Legshot Damage – 14

The Devotion with a Turbocharger is a force to be reckoned with, offering no ramp-up time to the weapon allowing you to tear through other legends. Pair that with an extended magazine and kills will practically come free.

#4 L-Star – Energy Ammo Light Machinegun


  • Rate of Fire – 600 RPM
  • Headshot Damage – 32
  • Bodyshot Damage – 18
  • Legshot Damage – 15

Before the release of Season 10, the L-Star was hardly used late game. With the update, however, the L-Star is shredding through armor with a hail of red lasers. With its added ability to take attachments other than sights now, the L-Star will do you well in most gunfights.

#3 VK-47 Flatline – Heavy Ammo Assault Rifle


  • Rate of Fire – 600 RPM
  • Headshot Damage – 33
  • Bodyshot Damage – 19
  • Legshot Damage – 14

The heavier brother to the R-301, the VK-47 Flatline offers high damage at the cost of high recoil. That being said, if you throw some attachments on it and get used to its recoil, the Vk-47 Flatline will melt other legends at medium ranges.

#2 R-99 – Light Ammo Submachine Gun


  • Rate of Fire – 1080 RPM
  • Headshot Damage – 17
  • Bodyshot Damage – 11
  • Legshot Damage – 9

The fastest firing weapon in Apex Legends, the R-99 is well known for its fast time to kill ability. Handle its recoil well, and any close-range target will be easy pickings for you to add to your kills.

#1 Rampage – Heavy Ammo Light Machinegun


  • Rate of Fire – 300 RPM / 360 RPM When Charged
  • Headshot Damage – 42
  • Bodyshot Damage – 28
  • Legshot Damage – 24

The new kid on the block, the Rampage LMG is a slow firing cannon of a weapon. Try charging it with a Thermite grenade to knock out other legends even faster than before. Just don’t hip fire.

Those are our picks for the best weapons to use in Apex Legends Season 10: Emergence. While these are our recommendations, everybody has their preferences, so prioritize using what feels best to you.

Apex Legends is currently available for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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