Apex Legends: Can you Play Solo or Single Player?

How not to play by yourself in Apex Legends

by Kyle Hanson

As you load up Apex Legends you are immediately greeted by the squad menu. Clicking on the two Plus signs will let you add some friends to your squad and get into the game. Launching into matchmaking without friends will automatically locate two other players to fill out the squad. But can you play solo in Apex Legends? Is there a way to just play by yourself?

Nope. Apex Legends requires all players to form into three player teams, with no alternatives at launch. If you’re like me, this is a bit disappointing. I don’t like teammates to be there, judging my every action. But that’s how this Battle Royale game works. Apex Legends simply is not a single player game in any way, so there is no way to get into a match without a full three player squad.

Could there be a solo mode later on? Sure, but in the “anything is possible” sense of the word. So far, developer Respawn Entertainment has said that this is the intended way to play Apex Legends, and there don’t seem to be plans at this time to get a single player experience into it. That could certainly change in the future though, so keep an eye out, if it’s a big part of how you’d like to play.