Apex Legends How to Add Friends

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With Apex Legends being a game that doesn’t have a solo option, you’re going to want to play with your friends for the best chances of survival in this new Battle Royale game.  Adding friends and inviting them to your game is pretty simple in Apex Legends if you know where you need to look.

When you’re in the main screen which has three banners and your character in the middle of the screen, what you’re going to want to do is move the cursor over the plus sign on either side of your character.  Doing so will highlight a tool tip that shows that you get a bonus by inviting friends. Clicking on the plus icon will show you which friends of yours are online.  To invite them you will simply hover over their name and then click the invite button prompt.

From this same screen you can also view your friends list and invite friends in Apex Legends by clicking down on the Right Thumbstick.  This will bring up the same menu that comes up when you highlight the plus signs on the screen.

If you don’t add anyone to your party you automatically be placed into matchmaking and will play with two random people online.

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