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Apex Legends How to Be Jumpmaster

Jumpmaster has a unique duty.

by William Schwartz


Being the Jumpmaster in Apex Legends means that you get to pick the spot where your team lands on the map.  Being the Jumpmaster in Apex Legends is going to come down to a little bit of luck.  The Jumpmaster is always going to be the person who is last to select their character.

However, even if you aren’t the third person you can still be the Jumpmaster, but you’re going to need the initial Jumpmaster to relinquish their duties.  They can do so by pressing the circle button/B button before jumping.

The Jumpmaster has a unique duty in Apex Legends as they’ll be the one who decides where the team is going to land.  Other players will be able to suggest spots to land, and unless the other players decide to land solo, you will have the final authority on where you will land and when you will jump.

By default though, the Jumpmaster will be the one at the start of the match who selects their player in the 3rd position.

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