Apex Legends How to Get Crafting Metals and Materials

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Apex Legends uses a unique crafting system to unlock different customization items for your characters like skins, banners, quips, and finishers.  Crafting Metals are also used for skins for the different weapons in the game as well.

The Crafting Metals that are used to craft these items can only be gotten in one place at the moment.  That is through Apex Packs, which can only be gotten by leveling up your character or by purchasing them directly as a microtransaction.

When you’ve got Apex Packs to open you will see a box on the top right corner of the main character screen that shows how many packs you have to open.

You’re going to need to get a little bit lucky to get Crafting Materials at the moment.  Since getting it does rely on RNG at this point.  In the Apex Packs that we opened the amount of Crafting Metals that were in the pack was pretty small relative to how much it costs to craft some of the cosmetic items.

Purchasing the Apex Packs as a microtransaction you are not guaranteed to get crafting metals.  It is one of the items that can be in the pack, but not guaranteed.

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