Apex Legends: Where to Find Guns and Weapons

Shotguns, pistols, sniper rifles, and grenades can all be found.

by Kyle Hanson

As you make your first drops into the world of Apex Legends you might be surprised to find yourself totally defenseless. Yes, this game from the makers of Titanfall is a true Battle Royale experience in a ton of ways. This includes the fact that you drop into the game without any equipment other than the clothes on your back. Your first goal is to find some guns, but how and where are they? Here’s where to find guns and weapons in Apex Legends.

The game just arrived, so no one has quite mapped all the spawn locations out just yet, however there are a lot of patterns so far, and you can use them to find guns. There’s two main ways you’ll locate weapons in the world of Apex Legends. Either in loot crates spread around the map, or randomly generated within buildings. The loot crates seem to stay in the same locations, so if you found one in one game, you can head there in the next to find some more items. The things inside the crates are random though, so don’t expect to find the same shotgun inside every time.

The other way to find guns and weapons in Apex Legends is the same as in most other Battle Royale titles: spread around inside of buildings. Any building with a closed door has likely not been picked clean just yet, unless the other squads are closing them behind them, like civilized gamers. Head in, being careful to check your doors and corners, and look around to find any random guns, weapons, or items that have spawned within. If it’s unexplored, then chances are there’s some nice guns inside for you to use.

And that’s where to find guns and weapons in Apex Legends. As I said, the game is brand new, so check back later for updates on more specific locations of good spawns.

- This article was updated on February 4th, 2019