Are Monopoly Go Servers Down? Here’s How to Check Server Status

Here's how to check Monopoly GO's server status.

by Noah Nelson
Image: Scopely

To ensure you don’t run into any errors or crashes while playing the hit mobile game Monopoly GO, you should learn how to check the server status. Monopoly GO is a great iteration of a game I loved to play as a kid. While Monopoly GO is a shiny new way to play Monopoly, you do need an internet connection for it to work. Because of that, server errors can occur.

How to check Monopoly GO Server Status

There are several things you can do to check the Monopoly GO server status, but the first thing I recommend is to ensure the issue isn’t on your end. After you’ve done that, you can check out a few sites to verify that the server issue is on Scopely’s end.

Check Your Internet Connection

The first thing you should do is check your internet connection. Since Monopoly GO is a mobile game, make sure your device is securely connected to WiFi.

You may need to check your router or even make sure your LTE network, if you aren’t on WiFi, is strong enough where you are to not cause server issues.

Make Sure Monopoly GO is Updated

You’ll also want to make sure Monopoly GO is updated. You may be running into issues if you are on an outdated version of the game.

Worst comes to worst, I recommend uninstalling Monopoly GO and reinstalling it. I’ve seen this help clear up errors in many instances and it could be the fix you need.

Restart Your Device

Lastly, you can completely shut off your device and start it up again. Sometimes, a quick refresh like this is enough to reestablish a solid internet connection.

How to Fix the Monopoly GO Servers

Now that you’ve verified that the Monopoly GO issue isn’t on your end, I recommend you visit the Gamebezz site that has active, user-reported Monopoly GO server status data. Here, you can easily see if others are struggling with a Monopoly GO error.

Lastly, I recommend heading over to the Monopoly GO subreddit. If there are any issues with the game, you’ll find other players commenting about it here. You can often share your experiences in the comments and find solutions to your problems.

Most likely, you’ll need to wait for the Monopoly GO servers to be fixed by Scopely themselves. There’s nothing you can do now except be patient, check Reddit for any updates, and visit the Monopoly GO Twitter (or X) page for signs of updates.

- This article was updated on September 28th, 2023

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