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Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Update 1.1.1 Patch Notes

A Danes life is only getting better, and maybe a bit forceful.

by Chris Hepburn


Assassin’s Creed Valhalla will be getting a large patch on January 14 that improves many aspects of the game such as stability, AI fixes and includes support for Ubisoft Connect Achievements.

The game’s last patch released on December 15, almost a full month ago. The current patch size differs by platform ranging from 2Gb for PlayStation 5 and 7.5Gb for Xbox Series X/S. The Sizes runs par with the previous patch.

One new feature that is coming is force feedback when using the bow. This update is special because Xbox is also getting the force feedback,  especially because Microsoft is now looking into the same, or similar, technology the DualSense is using for the adaptive triggers.

Some updates include:

Ubisoft Connect Achievement System

  • Unlock Conditions for Quest-related, not-repeatable, countable, and repeatable will activate when a player completes one of the actions past unlock or finishes a quest.


  • Fixed various misplaced textures and objects.
  • Fixed many of the areas the player could get stuck in.
  • Stopped the Vinland boat from floating.


  • Made changes to various NPC behavioural Issues.
  • Guards will always react to seeing Eivor burn members of their faction with oil jars.
  • Bjorn will not randomly be removed from the ship crew.

Abilities, Perks, Skills

  • All NPCs will now properly Feign Death when told.
  • Fixed the unlock issue of Man’s Best Friend after completing the quest A Little Problem
  • Mentor’s Set gear perks will always activate now when conditions are met.


  • A respawn point has been added before the Extended Family boss fight.
  • Fixed a fast travel issue caused by a previous patch.
  • PlayStation and Xbox controllers now have force feedback when using the Bow.

Quests and World Events

  • Players will no longer have a chance to get stuck in the boss fight for the quest A Cruel Destiny.
  • The quest marker in the Legend of Beowulf will now properly disappear after investigating it.
  • The NPCs for A Sticky Situation will now spawn properly
  • The Binding Fate boss will no longer get stuck underground after using the ability Dive of Valkyrie

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla launched in a much more stable state than others like Unity and the constant updates to the quality of life will cement it as one of the top must-plays in the long-running franchise.

These are just some of the updates from a large list of changes coming to the game, most of which are quality of life fixes rather than big additions. Players can see a full comprehensive list on the Ubisoft Website.

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