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Astral Chain: How To Beat Beast Nemesis

Bind and save the fourth Legion.

by Dean James


Three Legions should have been saved by this point, giving you the powers of Sword, Arrow, and Arm to this point. There are still two others to go in the game, with the fourth one being known as Beast Nemesis. This guide will give some strategies on how to take down and recover the fourth Legion in Astral Chain.

Beast Nemesis is not alone to start the fight here, as it is accompanied by multiple other wolf chimera. These should be able to be taken down in only a few hits, with you able to press A to finish them off individually. Focus entirely on these until you have them gone, leaving only the boss left. Once they are all gone, turn your attention to Beast Nemesis.

Start the fight off with the usual strategy of binding it with your Astral Chain, using the IRIS to find out its health, and then starting to hit it. You can just keep going after it and attacking it, or try to bind it again to stun it since it does move rather fast.

Once its health bar reaches around 40%, it will jump off into the background to where you can’t reach it directly and howl, causing pylons to fall around the arena that send out electricity in the circle surrounding them. You have to be careful to dodge these, as Beast Nemesis is also dropping more of these projectiles from the sky that can hit you.

Watch out for Beast Nemesis’ attacks here from afar and eventually it will destroy some of the pylons and start showing a line towards you that it will be moving in a matter of seconds. As with some past bosses, this is your time to have your Legion and you standing on opposite sides of the line, thus tripping Beast Nemesis up and stunning it. Run up and attack it as much as you can before it breaks away and howls yet again.

This means more pylons will fall down, so be careful, while also waiting for Beast Nemesis to do the same thing as before where you can stun it. This is much harder with an increased number of pylons, but you’ll eventually get it here and should be cable to take it out.

When Beast Nemesis’ health is out, you will be prompted to press A to Bind, which will now give you access to the Beast Legion moving forward.

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