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Astral Chain: How To Beat Deimos

Don't get burnt.

by Dean James


Most of the bosses we’ve covered so far in Astral Chain featured fairly similar strategies, with some variants in there to keep them different. As soon as you are introduced to Deimos down in the subway, you could tell you weren’t going to be fighting him up close due to his fiery shield. This means you have to use a different strategy and this guide will explain how you can put out the flames.

While most boss fights have you immediately fighting them after their introduction, Deimos will show up and then run away further into the underground. Follow through this area a little bit while avoiding the flames and eventually you should run into it again.

Once the fight actually starts, do not run up and try to fight Deimos. In fact, don’t even try to bind it with your Legion. Instead, what you want to do is immediately switch to your Arrow Legion and summon it. Then press L to use your Legion Action, which brings up a cursor and lets you fire arrows. Aim right at Deimos and keep firing until it is still stunned and its flames go out.

This is your opportunity to run in and attack it directly, while also giving you a chance to rest your Legion for a second to recover its Legion Meter. As soon as it starts flaming up again, rinse and repeat the strategy here and Deimos should be defeated before too long.

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