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Astral Chain: How To Beat Homunculus Gamma

Even stronger than before.

by Dean James


Oh, you thought we were done with Homunculus after that last showdown in Astral Chain? After Homunculus Beta managed to knock you back and escape in the last fight, it is back yet again and even stronger than ever in its latest form known as Homunculus Gamma, though technically it does not become that until part the way through the fight.. The entire level has been based around making it to Homunculus yet again, so now it’s time to take it out once and for all.

To start off the fight, you’re going to want to do the exact same thing as the last bout by binding all four of its legs and attacking it once it is stunned. This won’t last long though, as it will soon break these off and back off, stand up, and start absorbing more nearby chimera for more energy.

At this point, Homunculus Gamma is truly born and the beast takes on a standing up stance now. Based on the previous Homunculus battles, you would assume the goal is to bind its legs again, but you cannot do that right away. Instead you need to attack both legs until you break the outer shell off of them. Once the outer layer is off, you can then bind the legs to stun it as in the past.

When it has about 1/3 of its health left, it will leap from the rooftop you’re on and onto another building. It will start shooting projectiles at you from above, so dodge these and feel free to use the Arrow Legion Action with Focus to slow down time if you want to get some shots on it from afar here.

Eventually Humunculus Gamma will return to the rooftop and you can just attack it’s legs until you wipe out the remaining portion of its health to finally take out this reoccurring boss.

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