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Astral Chain: How To Beat Kyle

Duel with the swordsman.

by Dean James


Your player character finds himself going undercover to investigate a secret organization that seems to be experimenting in some fashion with chimeras. After sneaking into the place and making it through, you will eventually come face to face with the leader of the group named Kyle, who challenges you to defeat him to get the information you want. He can certainly prove to be pretty tough, so this guide will detail what you need to do to beat him.

Kyle moves around almost as if Astral Chain brought in Tekken’s Yoshimitsu right into the game. He bounces around on his sword at times, which will send out an electric shock that can stun you and leave your vulnerable to attack.

Try to start off the fight by binding Kyle with your Astral Chain to get some good hits in, but that tactic is not really going to work for long. He starts to break out of this every time you try it, so you have to find another strategy.

Going right at Kyle can be dangerous, as he’s hard to hit with his speed and he also has attacks that will set you on fire. This means you need to be using your dodge roll quite often to move away from him while trying to land attacks as often as you can. The fire can be a big pain here, so don’t hesitate to use your medicine if you need to.

Rather than taking Kyle’s health bar all the way down, the fight will end with a cutscene when you are getting near the bottom and you will have officially defeated him.

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