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Astral Chain: How To Beat Noah

Time to finish the fight.

by Dean James


Through 11 Files and countless enemies along the way, the final boss of Astral Chain is finally here. We’ll leave out any spoilers of how it got to this moment, but Noah is your final boss in the game that comes in multiple forms that you will have to survive through to complete the game.

To start off the fight, you will have to make your way across multiple floating platforms as Noah is continually destroying them. Keep moving to avoid being on one when he takes it out. This will continue for awhile, so just keep using Chain Jump to move between the platforms as soon as new ones pop up.

Eventually, you’ll get sucked in and end up at Noah’s core, which you need to try to destroy. It may seem unguarded at first, but then defense mechanisms will kick in to protect it, which you can see before they appear by the purple lines on the ground. Enemies will eventually show up as well, along with a wall to protect the core until you destroy them all.

Once the shield is gone, start attacking the core yet again while avoiding the defensive mechanisms. The core will then pull something from one of the first boss fights in the game, where a wall shows up around you that is shrinking, with you having to send your Legion outside of it to destroy generators that will cause the wall to go away. If you don’t, the wall with enclose on you and deal a lot of damage.

Once the core is destroyed, a series of cutscenes will play that lead into your true final confrontation with Noah Prime.


You can tell from the very beginning of this fight that Noah Prime is going to be a difficult one. Start off by activating your IRIS to get a reading on his health and then try to start dealing damage. You will notice the health bar goes down ever so slowly, as he has a lot of health to take out.

There’s no reason to bother binding him, as he’ll break out immediately. Instead focus on dodging his attacks while gradually bringing his health bar down. He has a dangerous projectile attack where he shoots a barrage of fireballs, as well as one where he puts his hands on the ground and brings up spikes at you. This is not even to mention his straight up hand to hand combat attacks and teleporting moves.

Using your Fusion attack is a good way to knock off a chunk of health, but you’ll run out of it very fast to where you might as well get it out of the way early. Eventually he will move up into the air and start shooting a bunch of purple balls at you, so just evade side to side with your dodge roll.

One of his most dangerous attacks at this point is he’ll split into multiple of himself in the middle of the arena and fire laser beams in each direction while moving. Avoid these beams or take a lot of damage. He will eventually start closing the sides up with other black blocks, leaving you not much room to work with.

When he has about 1/3 of his health left, he will open the battlefield back up and now is known as Final Noah Prime, which means he’s even stronger of course. He keeps using most of the same attacks, they are just much harder to avoid now.

There is absolutely no doubt that Noah Prime is the hardest boss in the game by far. No one else in the game really poses all that much of a threat in comparison, so you need to be absolutely ready for this one. He can deal damage fast than anyone else too, so make sure you have plenty of healing items at the ready for this one and you’ll be ready for the final cutscenes of the game.

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