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Astral Chain: How To Change Difficulty During A File

For if you change your mind mid-File.

by Dean James


Astral Chain comes with four different difficulties options for you to choose from in the game, which are also known as Play Styles. We’ve already covered in another guide how you can set the initial difficulty at the beginning of each File, but there is also a way to change the difficulty within the game as well. This guide will explain how you can do just that in Astral Chain.

Once you have already started a File in Astral Chain, changing difficulties requires you to visit Neuron HQ yet again. This is pretty similar to manual saving, as you must go and find a PC that you can interact with and open in the office.

After interacting with the PC, you will be presenting with four options on the left at first. The one you want to select is Play Style, as we’ve already stated how that is interchangeable with the word difficulty in this game.

From here, you can choose from any three of the difficulty options at the start. If you have already beaten the File and are just replaying it, you also have the option for the fourth difficulty as well. Just change it right here on the computer and you’ll be good to go moving forward for the respective File.

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