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Astral Chain: How To Destroy Gates

Use your literal Astral Chain.

by Dean James


The central story of Astral Chain involves chimeras that have started to cross over from another dimension known as the Astral Plane and leaving destruction in their path. Your goal is to investigate these disturbances and one thing you will find yourself doing is shutting down the gateways they are using to cross over. This guide will explain how you can destroy these gates in Astral Chain.

Taking down the gates is not too difficult of a task, but you can’t just straight up attack them or anything, but rather use one of your other techniques. Instead you have to use your actual Astral Chain to your advantage to destroy the gates.

To go about doing this, you first must summon your Legion by pressing ZL. On e they are out, hold down ZL and start to move the Legion around with the right analog stick as you are used to doing. Now move the Legion around the gate and you want to make a motion where you actually make the Legion circle the gate itself.

Once the Legion makes a circle around the gate, it will essentially crush the gate and shatter it to where you couldn’t even tell that it was there previously.

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