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Astral Chain: How To Survive Hall of Terrors

Running by itself will not help you.

by Dean James


Astral Chain can be a difficult game at times, but rarely are there moments where a wrong move can send you back to the beginning of an area over and over. One of those situations comes up near the end of the game in what is known as the Hall of Terrors and this guide will explain what you need to do to survive this area in Astral Chain.

When you first get into the Hall of Terrors, you will be moving away from the screen. However, this will quickly change perspective and you will be running towards the screen Crash Bandicoot style. The game mentions running, so you would assume you could just run here and avoid the obstacles that are represented by the purple marks on the floor and walls when they are about to come out. Regardless of what you do though, you will constantly be sent back to the beginning of the room every time even if you do not get hit by those obstacles.

What you actually have to do is summon your Beast Legion and press L to use its Legion Action to ride on its back and run down the hallway. You still have to avoid the purple obstacles that come out of the floor and wall, but you can actually escape the main spikes that were always catching up with you.

Once you get near the end of the hallway, you’ll notice a door is closed that you need to get through. This is where you need to summon your Arm Legion and open it by holding ZL and pressing A. Once you make it through the door, you will have survived the Hall of Terrors.

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