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Astral Chain: How To Turn On And Use Your IRIS

Use augmented reality to your advantage.

by Dean James


In Astral Chain, you take the lead as an officer for the Neuron police as you try to solve various crimes in the city. You can’t have a game where you play as an officer without some sort of Detective Mode equivalent, as you need to be able to investigate not only the present, but how they came to be like this. For this reason, Astral Chain provides you with something known as IRIS, which this guide will explain how to activate and how to use in the game.

You will not have access to IRIS right at the start of Astral Chain, but you should be introduced to it a little bit into File02 during the training sessions with Jin. After completing this training, you will be able to use IRIS elsewhere in the game simply by pressing +.

Activating IRIS will bring up a full scale augmented reality display all around you that can provide you with a lot of information. You will notice a circular cursor now that you can control with the right analog stick as well as many highlighted people and objects.

By moving the circular cursor on top of people that are highlighted in blue or sometimes orange, you can get information about them that includes name, gender, birthday, blood type, and more. Objects or people that are highlighted in orange instead must be interacted with to obtain more information.

Turning on IRIS can also reveal past events, with one of the first uses showing how a giant bridge collapsed in the past that is currently nothing but debris on the ground without IRIS on. You will notice people that are no longer there outside of IRIS, which you will definitely want to investigate.

Using your IRIS in battle can also be a huge help, as it can reveal both the type and health of the enemies you are facing. The health part especially is something that is always nice to have in a game with such fast paced combat, so make sure to take advantage of it.

When you are ready to turn off IRIS, simply press the + button again and it will deactivate right away.

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