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Astroneer – How to Get Tungsten

Get the rare and valuable resource by mining Wolframite

by Kyle Hanson


Players spend the first few hours of Astroneer exploring their main planet and working toward better and better resource gathering with tungsten as one of the tougher challenges. Players might be able to find Compound or Resin everywhere, and can quickly figure out how to get more Aluminum, even if it’s not scattered around the world, but this rare resource is truly difficult to find. That’s because you won’t find it or its unrefined mineral anywhere on the starting planet. Here’s how to get tungsten in Astroneer.

How to Get Tungsten in Astroneer

Tungsten unfortunately isn’t found on the first world you land (or crash) on in Astroneer. However, when trying to get tungsten you should know that it won’t actually appear anywhere in that form. Tungsten is a refined resource, meaning you need to find the base mineral and pop it into the Smelting Furnace. This is Wolframite, which still can’t be found on the starting world but does appear on others you can reach pretty quickly after starting your game.

Where to Find Wolframite

Wolframite, the base resource used to make Tungsten in Astroneer can be found on Desolo, a nearby planet you can reach after researching and creating a shuttle. Follow the tech tree to reseach this item then use a large printer to create it. You’ll also need a booster, with the solid fuel booster available to be researched and built using resources found pretty regularly on the starting world. Once you have that all set just grab some extra tethers and head to Desolo. Of course, if you want to bring Wolframite back to turn it into Tungsten then be sure to attach as much storage as you can.

When you arrive all you need to look for are caves that dot the planet’s surface. Inside you should spot some Wolframite, which appears as a blob of greenish-gold squares. Mine all you can and once your ready just use your shuttle to return to your base. Pop the Wolframite into the Smelting Furnace and out will come Tungsten.

And that’s how to get tungsten in Astroneer.

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