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Back 4 Blood: How to Unlock More Cards

Have more ways to build your strategies!

Back 4 Blood has an interesting and somewhat confusing card system in place. It’s a system used to promote different playstyles, builds, and add difficulty for “extreme replayability” according to the team at Turtle Rock Studios.

How to earn additional cards in Back 4 Blood

There are three ways to earn additional cards in Back 4 Blood.

The first method is to play the game and earn Supply Points. Supply Points are a form of currency outside of the in-game copper. Spend these points at the Supply Lines vendor, Chenda. She will present you with several different and unlockable Lines to spend your SP on. However, not every item shown will be cards. We have a guide breaking down the different ways you can acquire Supply Points so you can use them to buy more rewards.

Find them in small boxes throughout your runs

This method is only a temporary one. You can find small, white boxes with the Copper symbol in random places in your missions. They usually will cost you a few hundred and close to 1,000 copper. The thing is, this adds a whole other layer of strategy when it comes to tackling missions in Back 4 Blood.


You’ll essentially have to save up your Copper or have a healthy amount on hand once you leave the Safe House. The game basically encourages players to look around every nook and cranny for things like this. It’s a random card, but helps in the long run.

There are cards in similar boxes to these that are free, though they are often not as potent as the ones you’d actually have to spend Copper on.

Earn certain Accomplishments

Accomplishments are the equivalent of milestones, achievements, and trophies depending on what platform you play. Back 4 Blood has a hefty amount of them. Some net you rewards like more Supply Points and cosmetics. However, there are some cards you can earn by completing these Accomplishments.


For example, you can earn the Lucky Pennies card by completing the Jukebox Hero Accomplishment. That card boosts your overall chances of earning more Copper whenever you or your team loot the resource. Luckily, the Accomplishments page shows you what tasks you have to complete in order to unlock the reward.

Back 4 Blood will be out on October 12, 2021. Ultimate Edition users are currently able to play the game now. The game is on PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series S/X, and PC via Steam and Epic Games. To check out additional content like guides, news, and an upcoming review for the game, click here.

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