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Back 4 Blood: Jim Guide

Pick off the Ridden as the sharpshooter

There is a character for everyone in Back 4 Blood in terms of playstyle. Jim might be more of a niche character for many, but he can prove to be useful in the right scenarios.

What role does Jim play in Back 4 Blood?

Jim plays the sniper role. He’s all about precision shots and exploiting the weaknesses of the Ridden. Since he excels in doing single target damage, he’s the Cleaner to choose if you want to focus on gunning down the larger threats like Tallboys and bosses. If you are good with precision-based classes in FPS games, Jim is your guy.

Jim’s abilities

  • Precision kills grant Jim 2.5% stacking damage until he takes damage.
  • +25% Aim Down Sights (ADS) speed
  • Team Effect: +10% Team Weak Spot damage

The best weapons to use for Jim

Jim is best used with sniper rifles and semi auto assault rifles. You’d want to use these types of guns with attachments that don’t have iron sights. The purpose for this is to make the most out of his precision kills. You also want to have some distance from the Ridden so you don’t lose those damage stacks.

If you feel that your gunplay isn’t good enough to aim for weak spots, you may want to reconsider. Snipers make the most work.


The best cards to equip for Jim

Since Jim is a sniper class who excels in dealing extra damage to weak spots in enemies, you’ll want to build a deck that helps increase his damage output. Here are the cards that are good for him. Put them in a deck of 15 and just watch how much you can get out of him.

Reflex Cards

  • Ridden Slayer
  • Reckless Strategy
  • Hyper-Focused
  • Hi Vis Sights
  • Tunnel Vision
  • Pep in Your Step
  • Shredder
  • Glass Cannon
  • Sadistic

Discipline Cards

  • Ammo Mule
  • Ammo Belt
  • Ammo Pouch
  • Front Sight Focus
  • Combat Training
  • Large Caliber Rounds
  • Silver Bullets
  • Hunker Down
  • In the Zone
  • Trigger Control
  • Controlled Movement
  • Down in Front!
  • Patient Hunter
  • Power Reload
  • Marked for Death
  • Knowledge is Power

Brawn Cards

  • Confident Killer
  • Overwatch
  • Two is One and One is None
  • Broadside

Fortune Cards

  • Highwayman
  • Ammo Stash

For additional guides and information regarding Back 4 Blood, you can click here. The game will come out on October 12, 2021 on PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series S/X, and PC via Steam and Epic Games.

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