Baldur’s Gate 3 Hag Potion Effects: Broken Promises, Wilted Dreams, and More Explained

See what tricks the Hag is up to with her potions.

by Alex Huebner
Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Some of the most unpredictable interactions of Baldur’s Gate 3 happen in the Gnarled Teahouse with the Hag. It makes sense that finding a bunch of potions in her lair would lead to suspicion about using them. To save you the trouble of potentially poisoning your team, we’ve gathered all the hag potion effects.

Hag Potion Location

To get the hag potions you’ll either have to take down the hag to enter the Acrid Workshop. After your initial interaction with her, good or bad, go through the invisible doorway in the back of the fireplace. You’ll have to take on some of her victims in masks then move onto the next room where she will be waiting for you. Once she’s defeated, you’ll want to loot her body, get the key, and go to the door in the north side of the room. This takes you to the Acrid Workshop.

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Potion Effects

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

When you pick up a hag potion, there is a vague description that doesn’t give a great idea of what it will do when used. Some are actually very helpful and some are better left untouched by your party. Here are the conditions gained when you use them:

  • A Mother’s Loathing – Don’t take this until after you’ve done a Long Rest or unless you’re still a long time away from taking one. It will give you the temporary ability, Bite, until you Long Rest next.
  • Broken Promises – This is another one that should wait until after a Long Rest but also has a lasting downside. The character you give this to gains 2 to their strength until Long Rest, but after you rest, their strength will be docked 1 permanently.
  • Butterflies in the Stomach – It sounds lovely and like it would be a great way to help with the romance aspect of the game, but this is another of the hag’s tricks. After it is ingested it causes the player to be Haemorrhaged, dealing 1-6 Piercing damage per turn. While you may not want to use this on your party, it could be useful in battle.
  • Faltering Will – Give this to a character you’d like to curse with disadvantage on Wisdom Saving Throws. If one of your party members takes it, you will have to Long Rest to get rid of it.
  • Heart of Stone – After taking this, your character will gain resistance to poison damage. This only lasts until a Long Rest.
  • Insanity’s Kiss – The name here is not a misleading one. One second you’re taking a potion, the next you’re in combat against your whole party and anything else living nearby. This potion lasts for five turns, so if you’ve already accidentally taken it, maybe you can just try to use healing and dash to keep everyone away instead of restarting.
  • Lost Time – For 50 turns you can’t use reactions and your Armour Class is reduced by 2.
  • Lover’s Avarice – There is no benefit to taking this potion. All it will do is permanently take 1 off your Wisdom.
  • Missing Pets – The description of this alone should be enough of a clue that this wouldn’t be a fun potion to take: “Thousands of little legs skitter inside this bottle, seeking an escape.” This potion makes the character think there are spiders all over them, giving them a disadvantage on Ability Checks and Attack Rolls, but only for three turns and only if they don’t pass the Wisdom Saving Throw.
  • Wilted Dreams – While this effect isn’t immediate, it still does some damage. During your next Long Rest, you’ll take 3-18 Psychic damage. You’ll also be permanently cursed.

- This article was updated on August 21st, 2023

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