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Batman: Arkham VR Guide: Safe Passcode In Morgue And Shrapnel Locations

by Damian Seeto


Arguably the hardest part of Batman: Arkham VR is the level set in a morgue. We will tell you where all of the shrapnel locations are and the safe passcode.

If you are here to know the passcode to the safe, I’ll get this out of the way for you first. The passcode is “425“. I knew this because you use the scanner on the safe to look at the heat signatures of the most used buttons.

Bear in mind, I used the DualShock 4 controller playing this section of the game. The controls in my instructions might differ if you are using Move Controllers. Hopefully you can still follow it.

Anyway, if you are stuck on the entire level, don’t worry. Batman: Arkham VR is not a long game. but the Morgue can be boring if you don’t know where to look.

First of all, you should have Batman’s scanner that looks for yellow shrapnel inside the dead bodies. There’s a muscle scanner that has a blue light, and you can double press Square to use the bone scanner which uses the purple light.

To make it easier for you, I’ll just say “use Blue Light or Purple Light”. When you find a golden shrapnel in the body, you hold square to scan it.

The first body is the one that you see when you arrive. You use the blue light scanner to look at his upper left thigh. Double tap square to use the purple light. Search for his head using the purple light.

After that, press triangle to hop on over to the body that’s in a vertical position. You want to double tap square again to use the blue light. Look to the left at his shin and you should see the first golden shrapnel. Scan it by holding Square.

Double tap square for the purple light. Now you want to look at his middle torso near his chest. After you scan it, you want to press triangle and go to the red safe at the corner of the room.

Use your head to press 425 and you need to grab the key. At the back of the room, you want to unlock the black door that gives you access to the third and final dead body.

The same process follows. Using the blue light, look at the abdomen of the dead body to find the first piece. Double press square for the purple light and then look at his shoulder. This is the last piece you have to scan.

Once you do that, you have to build the shrapnel. This is easy to follow as you have to just make the shape provided in the screenshot above this article. Once you do that, you can finally leave the Morgue!

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