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Battlefield 2042: How to Customize Classes

How to customize classes in Battlefield 2042.
Battlefield 2042 Open Beta cover

Where Battlefield 2042 separates itself from other similar FPS military shooters is with its class system. Now, it isn’t exactly the same as it usually is in Battlefield games as this year’s Battlefield 2042 has specialists instead of your traditional named classes. Specialists stand out in this regard because they can use any primary or secondary weapon in the game. What makes them unique is they all have a gadget or trait specific to just them to separate them from each other. This year though, there is more to it than just picking your class and heading off to battle. Customization is everything in Battlefield 2042 so here’s how to customize classes in Battlefield 2042.

How to Customize Classes in Battlefield 2042

Once you’re in your menu, hit square or PS4 in-game and you will bring up your specialist menu. Select the class you want, and then use the shoulder buttons to see the different weapon sets there are. From here, use the D-pad to scroll through the different packages that are available. It is here you can equip many different weapons to mix and match and create your perfect class. Want to be a sniper with a light machine gun? Go right ahead. There is no limit on the combinations you can come up with here, so experimenting is greatly encouraged.


Traditionally, classes would somewhat restrict your load-outs, but here, things are far more interesting. For example, the support specialist comes with a medic crate as his equipment. But what if you want a more offensive approach? Well, you’ll be happy to know you can change it easily by selecting that medic crate with the shoulder buttons and scrolling through the available alternatives. This means you can have a support unit that has a rocket launcher if you so choose, so creating your perfect mix here will be part of the fun.

Battlefield 2042’s Beta is in full swing and it brings some high octane action with the same great gunplay the series has enjoyed for years. Weapon-wise, things are a bit limited in the Beta, but when the full release comes, the full arsenal will be there along with 128 others ready for a fight. Right now, the PS5, PC, and Xbox Series X versions will be the only ones to support 128 player fights, with a possible add-on for it coming to the last-gen consoles after release.

Battlefield 2042 Beta is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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