Battlefield: Hardline Guide Evidence & Warrants- Episode 6

by AOTF Staff

Battlefield: Hardline decides against the use of laptops and files as collectibles. It instead goes with a wider variety of ‘collectibles’ strewn about the game under the guise of evidence. Makes sense considering you take the role of a police officer. The cool thing is that when you enter the area your controller will vibrate near evidence. Including those on enemies that have warrants. Evidence is separated in this guide by case and evidence name and number as it appears in the game. Warrants are enemies that are thrown into the game to give the player an additional ‘collectible’ type of replay value to the levels. For more information check out our Battlefield: Hardline guide for Episode 1. If you need help with Episode 4: Case Closed, we have that too.

The following Battlefield: Hardline guide is for Episode 6: Out Of Business, of the Battlefield: Hardline single-player campaign tailored to help you find the evidence and grab the wanted criminals in the third level. As the episodes get longer we break it down into sub-sections. These can be found on your scanner in the top left of the screen. It basically tells you the area of the episode you are in and it is helpful for pinning down warrants and evidence. There are nine pieces of evidence and three suspects in Episode 6: Out Of Business.



Power Play- #2 (Purchase Order For Bianchi)

When standing in the middle of the dealership facing the entrance it is on the desk to the right.


Power Play- #1 (Letter From Kang’s Wife)

Located at the objective for this part of the episode, in front of the computer on the desk.



Wanted: Ji-hun Oh

When you enter the area and are at a vantage point across from the scrapyard you will see Ji-hun in the middle. After you move forward a bit the group scatters and Mr. Oh talks on the phone with his wife to the left, come up behind him and either knock him out or zap him.


Power Play- #4 (Designer Luggage)

Inside the chop shop in the middle of the first part of the scrapyard to the left from when you enter. Just be sure to take out the guy working on the car inside first.


Wanted: James Mun

As you work your way through the chop shop picking up the ‘Power Play #4’ evidence, James should be standing guard at the back door of the shop. Scan him and knock him down to collect his warrant.


Power Play- #3 (Boomer Photo)

Directly after the last warrant. This piece of evidence is on James Mun after you collect his warrant.


Wanted: Edgar Kwok

He stands in the middle of the warehouse that you have to ‘go through’ to get to the next story objective. I found the easiest way is to take the stairs outside, go to the second floor, tag him and everyone else and taze him after you take out the stragglers near him.


Power Play- #6 (Detonator)

Middle of the warehouse, next to Mr. Kwok’s original position on a table.


Power Play- #5 (K-Pop Album)

Located in the far corner of the warehouse. You will find this on a table next to the radio that is blasting the music. It is located infront of where Kwok was standing.

Body Shop


Power Play- #8 (Photo Of Lily Kang & Roark)

If you go around the building to the left there is a lone guy, take him out and go inside the door he was guarding. Keep in mind another guy patrols around and comes to find the body so either make it quick or wait. Once inside this office room, on the desk to the left facing the window is the evidence.


Power Play- #7 (Bomb Under Kang’s Bianchi)

After you clear the chop shop it is near the front of the shop, a white car with a few doors open, it is located on the front fender.


Hot Shot Supply Chain- #4 (Palette Of Hot Shot)

This one is located under the stairs near the front of the chop shop, near some soda machines. It is located by the entrance near the stars.

That is all for Episode 6: Out Of Business, feel free to move onto the next part of our Battlefield: Hardline guide in Episode 7: Glass Houses for more collectibles.

- This article was updated on April 17th, 2017