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Battlefield V How to Spot Enemies

There will be far less spotting spam in BFV.

by William Schwartz


Spotting in Battlefield V has changed a lot since the last game.  You can no longer just spam the spotting feature to reveal players on the map.  With Battlefield V you actually have to use a character that has a special item that allows you to spot enemies.

The Spotting Scope can be used by the Recon Class and is one of the default gadget item for this class.  The Spotting Scope can only be used by the Recon class and once you spot an enemy they will show up on the map and their position will be shared with your teammates.

Spotting with the Spotting Scope will not instantly produce a marker over the enemy like it has in previous games.  There are some other ways that you can spot in Battlefield V.  The Recon class has another spotting tool in the Spotting Flare.  This item can be shot into the air and will reveal enemies in a certain area under the flare.  This item is unlocked at Recon level 4.

The traditional spotting mechanic has been replaced somewhat by a marker.  By pressing the RB/R1 button you can put a marker down that gives a general direction of where enemies are but it does not reveal their exact location.

There are a couple of other tools that you can use to reveal enemies on the map.  Another one of the Recon class items, the decoy, will reveal players that are shooting at it.  Shooting at enemies and suppressing them will also reveal their position.

To use these items that are specific to the Recon class you’ll need to set-up your soldier in the Company tab and then select which gadget you want to use by pressing left on the d-pad.  In the instance of using the Spawn Decoy you would use right on the d-pad.

- This article was updated on:November 10th, 2018

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